The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis

Jonathan Rauch writing in The Atlantic sets out the research on the “midlife crisis” which identifies a Happiness U-Curve, where life satisfaction reaches an ebb when a person is in their 40s. As he notes, this marks a “difficult yet natural transition to a new equilibrium.” Many people find it therapeutic just learning of the phenomenon, that they are not alone in what they are experiencing but that the evidence is that they are one amongst many on this common trajectory. As someone that is undeniably now well into my 40s, it was personally very reassuring to read. If you are of such an age too, I can recommend you do too. If only to recognise that if this is something you are experiencing, then you are not alone. You can read the article by clicking below…

About thesocialenterprise

The Social Enterprise was established in 2007 by David Russell to develop creative and innovative approaches for individuals and organisations that seek to deliver social value. We work with charities and businesses, and our starting point on any project is to determine how we will generate a return on investment in our services – whether through a more effective working approach or delivering greater social impact.
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