The Good-Enough Job

Thinking about work transitions, then the concept of “good enough”- first introduced by Donald Winnicott in respect to the “good-enough mother” – is an important one. I have been giving some consideration of my various working roles – as a consultant (to Unilever), a coordinator (for Survivors Fund) and coach (to those interesed in professional change) – whether the same thinking can be applied to work. Is it sufficient, and satisfying, to do a “good enough job” or do you need to do a great one? This short article, The Good-Enough Life by Avram Alpert provides some guidance, and potential solace…

An interesting aside, but Winnicott was the inventor of The Squiqqle Game which he used in his therapy sessions with children – but which makes a great creative session for anyone to try.

About thesocialenterprise

The Social Enterprise was established in 2007 by David Russell to develop creative and innovative approaches for individuals and organisations that seek to deliver social value. We work with charities and businesses, and our starting point on any project is to determine how we will generate a return on investment in our services – whether through a more effective working approach or delivering greater social impact.
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